About Us

Values & Principles

Principles: Values: Silver Corporation S.A.C. Cement its success and growth in the declaration of the following values:

  • Compliance with obligations: All our acts are governed by an honest, transparent and ethical conduct, as well as by the faithful fulfillment of our obligations and the strict compliance of the laws of the markets in which we operate.

  • Dedication to work: We foster a work culture where the effort and dedication of our collaborators are oriented to provide services and products of the highest quality to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and consumers

  • Prudence in the Administration of the resources: We recognize the importance of planning and rationally managing the resources of the company to ensure its solids and continuity for the benefit of its suppliers, customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which it operates.

  • Culture of Success: We set ourselves demanding goals and work hard to achieve it. We seek to maintain and / or lead in all the activities we develop.

  • Orientation to the Person: We recognize the valuable contribution of our staff to the growth and success of our company, we encourage teamwork and value the professionalism, initiative and creativity of our employees.

  • Social responsability We are committed to the sustainable development of neighboring communities by carrying out a social development program, providing local community members with support and job opportunities.