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Silver Corporation


The Paiche or 'Arapaima gigas' , began to appear in the lists of endangered species due to the intensity of their fishing, even trapping young specimens that had not yet reached the age of reproduction.

Before that, in 2001, SILVER CORPORATION SAC. Start the research process to be able to raise in captivity this emblematic fish of the Peruvian Amazon.

Currently we are intensively growing this fish rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, the year 2015 we export 10 tons, the year 2016 30 tons and the year 2017 50 tons, our projection for 2018 is 120 tons towards international markets.

This technology developed by the Silver Corporation in agreement with the University la Molina in the technological part and advising, allowed us the development and cultivation of this species. The biggest advantage: there is no ban for the paiche that grows in captivity.

"The meat of paiche, besides being delicious, is very moldable and due to its soft texture and lack of small bones can be used in a great variety of dishes".

In addition to the paiches grown in Fundo Palmeiras, Rio Negro, Satipo, a few years ago the company Silver Corporation is in research doing tests for reproduction and hormonal induction in their laboratories.