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The Paco o ‘Piaractus brachypomus’ , According to FAO data, world fish production in 2009 amounted to 145.1 million tonnes, of which 38% was managed by aquaculture.

Global aquaculture is led by the Asia-Pacific region, which contributes 89 percent of output in quantity and 79 percent in value.

In Fundo Palmeiras, we started the paco crop in 2011 with excellent results of adaptability, we currently have 10 paco ponds, we reproduce them by hormonal induction in our laboratory, ensuring the supply to the markets to which we sell our product.

To the benefit of this delicious meat fish, we sell it in different formats, whole fresh, eviscerated and cut butterfly.

“A good way to cut the fish: Cut the fish into two halves, season with abundant salt and lemon and let stand half an hour. Then cook until golden brown, for 20 or 30 minutes, over high heat. Immediately turn it for about five minutes and pierce the skin for a removal of the fat that remains between the meat and that one"