About Us


Brief Overview : Silver Corporation is a company dedicated to the cultivation of tropical fish located in Fundo Palmeiras, Villa Capiri sector, Río Negro district, Satipo province of the Department of Junín. In the company are aware of the double challenge ahead: the sustainability of Amazonian species and the enjoyment of being able to consume fresh fish of high quality throughout the year.

It is a young company, fruit of the dream of Israel Silva and his family, with extensive training in business and aquaculture. Born in 2009, Silver Corporation has begun operations with the ambitious vision to become leaders in the supply of fish and Amazon products. As a company philosophy, the breeding of paco (Piaractus brachypomus), gamitana (Colossoma macropomum), Doncella () paiche (Arapaima gigas) has been proposed in a natural and sustainable way, environmentally friendly, with high added value, and able to generate development And social welfare to the communities in the environment in which they are produced.

Currently, the company is in the process of expansion, advancing in the domestication and production of paiche. According to reports from the company, the forecasts are to spend in 2 years to produce 300 metric tons per year. A possible and viable challenge endorsed by the national and international prestige that the species has in the main restaurants of the country.

From the outset, this company has clearly had the importance of going hand in hand with the research, taking advantage of the new financing possibilities offered by the Government. An innovative and continuous effort required by these types of companies.

It is also important to highlight the strategic alliance created with PIPS in Food of the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM), with which they have been developing improvements in the optimal food for these fish in each phase of cultivation.

As a result of this agreement, companies and researchers have been programming, designing, producing, and experimenting with different foods that allow highly reliable results on productive behavior. To generate a higher efficiency and lower cost of production, both feed and commercial fish such as paiche, maiden, paco, gamitana and red-tailed shad.

The company, for its part, is providing facilities for postgraduate students of the University, technical staff, and graduates involved in the research to develop their research work in these Amazonian species.

Through a project financed through FINCyT, in the laboratory that the company has in Satipo, have developed the technology of reproduction of species such as gamitana, paco, maiden (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) and paiche.

This own laboratory of processes allows the realization of the processes of reproduction and incubation for the best handling of the fry that they produce. The technology developed is proprietary, which also allows them to supply other local producers.

Fundo Palmeiras, has a zone of quarantine of the fish that they enter, so that they are gradually adapting to the new conditions of culture.