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GAMITANA CULTIVATION (Colossoma macropomum)

The Gamitana or ‘Colossoma macropomum’ The Gamitana is a fish originating in the Amazon basin and Orinoco, which has an extraordinary growth and that can adapt to the intensive culture

Th Gamitana (Colossoma macropomum) It is considered the largest character of the Amazon.

The gamitana eat mainly of zooplankton, fruits and seeds. In the adult state they also feed on zooplankton, especially in the dry season, when they are isolated from the forest. Juvenile gametes consume large quantities of fruits and seeds during the period when the waters of the rivers and cochas of Amazonia reach their highest level, a time when this type of food abounds in the flooded forest. Numerous gill filaments and a series of molariform teeth allow young fish to take advantage of these two types of food, which individually or in combination, are relatively abundant throughout the year.

“The actual state of the fish depends on the food program we program. He Cultivation of Colossoma macropomum in conditions of low water quality, with very low rations, poor quality of food and water with low temperature, produces few eggs, low quality of sperm, not reproducing in the worst case. "

Colossoma macropomum: presents excellent characteristics for the development of aquaculture in Latin America. Its growth rate, its ability to use diets high in carbohydrates and vegetable proteins, its resistance to low water quality conditions and the high quality of its steak are some of the characteristics that allow it to be a species suitable for aquaculture. In addition, the cultivation of Colossoma and Piaractus spp., Would reduce fishing pressure on these native species, since they play an important role in the dispersal of flood forest seeds (Araujo-Lima and Goulding, 1977). Aquaculture of C. macropomum and related species are economically, ecologically and nutritionally beneficial to the inhabitants of the Amazon basin.

Like the Piaractus bracypomus the Colossoma Macropomum, in Silver Corporatión is one of the fish of importance and flag for the development of aquaculture in this zone of Peru. It is distributed to local, national and international merado in different formats and presentations.

Induction to reproduction

Hormonal induction in the gamitana is performed intramuscularly, in the dorsal region, below the dorsal fin, or intraperitoneally, at the base of the pelvic fin. Induction is stimulated with natural or synthetic hormones.