Our Species

Fundo Palmeiras, The Palmeiras Farmstation is the mark of this initiative of respect for nature, which makes it possible for the world to delight in unique and exotic resources of the Amazon. The environmental, social and ecological commitment of Silver Corporation S.A.C. distinguishes us and gives a great responsibility to all our business and work partners.

We have the authorization of the Regional Directorate of Production through Directorial Resolution No. 029 - 2015 - GRJ - DIREPRO / DR, for the production of fry and meat of PAICHE, GAMITANA, PACO, DONCELLA, RED- TAILED SHAD AND BOQUICHICO.


Arapaima gigas

The emblematic species of the Peruvian Amazon, considered the largest freshwater fish, reaches a weight of 200 kg and a length of 3 mts. In its natural habitat. It has a very appreciated meat and has omegas 3, 6 and 9, being present in the best restaurants.

The Paiche is the flagfish of Silver Corporation S.A.C. And we have been intensively cultivating it with technology and trained professionals.



Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum

Large size catfish that reach up to 1.5 m in total length in their natural habitat. Strong body, quadrangular head and somewhat depressed, dorsal eyes. Ovoid chins in cross section. Pelvic fins inserted near the posterior border of the dorsal fin; Caudal fin with rounded lobes. Olive colored body with numerous black spots scattered all over the body and fins.

It is a variety of fish that we also grow in captivity in the fish season.



Pyaractus brachypomus

Piaractus brachypomus (white pacú, mbiraí or flatfish, white cachama), is a fish of the family Characidae originating from the Amazon. It is silver in color and reddish fins. It reaches 88 cm in length and 20 kg in weight. Prolifera in waters with temperatures between 23 and 27 ° C.

En Fundo Palmeiras, cultivamos, reproducimos y beneficiamos el Paco, la carne de Paco es muy apreciada.



Colossoma macropomum

The Gamitana is a fish originating in the Amazon basin and Orinoco, which has a xtraordinary growth and that can adapt to the intensive culture. Reproduction should be done artificially with hormone injection. This fish does not reproduce naturally in fish ponds.

In the same way as paco, our laboratory is prepared to perform the hormonal induction and to be able to reproduce in captivity.



Brycon cephalus

Red-tailed shad, Brycon cephalus, is a rheophilic Characidae from the Amazon basin of Peru and Brazil. Its commercial size is between 35 - 40 cm. And its weight from 0.3 to 1 kg .; Is an omnivorous fish with preference for vegetable food.

In Silver Corporation we have been cultivating this species since 2015, obtaining favorable results with this species.



Prochilodus nigricans

Amazonian fish that is distributed in the basins of the Amazon, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru. It can be found in lakes, lagoons and even in streams and rivers, since the environment is slow waters with deposits of detritus in the background.

In Fundo Palmeiras we have already begun the process of raising this wonderful Amazonian fish obtaining favorable results and favorable for its adaptability.