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THE MAIDEN (Pseudoplastystoma fasciatum

The fish of the order Siluriformes, commonly called catfish and also known in Ecuador as Camchimala fish, comprise 33 families, about 400 genera and more than 3,093 species; Among them, is the family of Pimelodidae that lives exclusively in fresh waters and at the same time the most
Important as a fishing resource, these are large species usually carry out food or reproductive migrations. However, in conditions of
Captive gonadal development performed at an earlier age than in the natural environment (ending its process of vitelogenesis), coinciding with the time of migration and reproduction of the basin.


Since its inception, the Palmeiras Fund of Silver Corporatión SAC has been committed to the promotion of Amazonian aquaculture, developing over the years experimental works with the main fish species, objectively seeking the constant improvement of its production and in this case The reproduction of the damsel species that we are already doing today.



The maiden, is an aquaculture species that reaches its sexual maturity from the 05 years of age, from which are collected or are recruited, for the conditioning process, the objective being to have the appropriate number of damsels Sexually mature, for this must take into account the following characteristics: size, weight, morphological appearance and health status.