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BOQUICHIC CULTIVATION (Prochilodus nigricans)

The Boquichico ‘Prochilodus nigricans’ This species has a wide distribution in the Amazon basin, inhabiting all longitudinal gradient, from the delta to courses of Andean piedmont. It inhabits the different types of waters, but the biggest catches are made in the main channel of The rivers during the concentrated migration, "mijano".

“It is a fusiform, hydrodynamic fish. It reaches up to 40 centimeters in length and can weigh up to two kilograms" "

It has a silver coloration that can be modified to a darker hue in aquatic environments of sewage. In this general pattern there are some pale bands of blackish color that are accentuated in the tail. The mouth is terminal with suction-like lips, adapted to suck and scratch the bottom surfaces and submerged vegetation, favored by the presence of numerous small labial teeth. It has an alimentary regime of iliophage type so it takes very good advantage of the detritus of the fund. The species is detritívora, that is to say, that feeds of organic residues (mainly of plants) and algae that are adhered to the surface of submerged stones and trunks and also of small animals that are there. It is estimated that the species consumes annually an amount of food equivalent to 19 times its body weight.

The fish of the genus Prochilodus are produced in Fundo Palmeiras only in polyculture, because they have not designed food appropriate for their diets. They are usually cultivated in a polyculture regime, since the monoculture of these species has proved to be economically unviable given the low acceptance of pelleted / extracted feeds.