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Fingerlings : The need to develop tropical fish farming in the high jungle of Peru is becoming more urgent, due to the insufficient and almost null protein intake of animal origin, IN the Palmeiras Fund is already an economic activity, because we have the breeding stock Of Colossoma and Piaractus.

The species with great potential for the development of tropical fish farming are: "gamitana" Colossoma macropomum, paco "Piaractus brachypomus," boquichico "Prochilodus nigricans and" tarpon red tail "Bryconeritropterum, mainly; However, one of the most serious limitations of these species is not breeding in captivity. This problem has led to numerous investigations carried out in different countries of South America, such as Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Peru, reporting very promising works regarding the artificial reproduction of "gamitana" and "paco". The objective of this research was to improve the techniques of induced reproduction and mass survival of fingerlings of the species "gamitana" Colossoma macropum and "paco" Piaractus brachypomus, raised in captivity; In that sense, Silver Corporation on the par with the technology is that at the moment, it has been applying techniques of induced reproduction in the bottom with Colossoma macropomum and Pyaractus brachipomus where already from 2013 we began with the massive production of fish in our laboratory , So we have in stock the sale of fingerlings of Gamitana and Paco."